Monday, March 21, 2011

Moving Out: Don't Forget... pack up all your belongings. If you happen to leave something of yours in a rental upon moving out, you can be fined by your landlord, which can possibly result in a drop of your credit score. This actually happened to one of my rental clients recently, but fortunately that issue was settled and continued on smoothly. She knew she forgot a few items at her previous rental, but her former landlord changed the locks on her.

This is one of the things you really need to keep in mind when you do move out of your home. Here are some tips:

  1. Make a list
    Put together a list of your belongings to be packed and check off each item one-by-one as you progress. Sure, this seems like a really basic tactic, but it works. Keep it simple.
  2. Survey the area before moving out
    Even if you checked off everything from your list, you never know if a small gadget or random item of yours may be left behind in a drawer, cabinet, or an area you don't usually check.
  3. Clean out your apartment
    Of course, you should definitely clean out your apartment before you move out, but definitely pay attention to anything that could possibly be left behind.
Take the necessary precautions, follow these steps, and if you come up with any others of your own, feel free to create a custom process suited for your needs.

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